Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daddy's Christmas Present

So, I ask the girls what they want to get their dad for Christmas.  To which one responds, and the other agrees, "Work Clothes - not the kind he wears to work, the kind he wears to fix the lawnmower and other stuff!"  So, after I stop laughing, I explain that work clothes are old clothes we no longer want or have gotten to worn to wear for nice. 

But I was thinking, why would they say that?  It's because they have a great dad, that's why! Who is super handy at fixing (almost) everything around our house! And who does so with a great attitude! Who when they ask to fix a necklace or a broken figurine, he does so without hesitation or complaint.  He has definitely had to fix the lawnmower way too much this summer (different things keep breaking!).  And because he's so good at it and does it so willingly...they think this actually makes him happy (and it kinda does!).  Don't worry, we will be finding him something besides work clothes for Christmas though. :)

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