Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet 16

I have this distinct memory of my 16th birthday. After my parents had celebrated me and showered me with presents, cake and a special birthday dinner, the day came to an end and I remember closing my bedroom door, eating almost an entire bag of candy hearts (after all it was Valentine’s day) and crying until my tears ran dry. Why? Well, ‘cuz I was ‘sweet 16’ and I’d never been kissed! Being so quiet, I barely even talked to guys, let alone had any sort of relationship with one. At that moment I could not envision a future for me that included love. I had dreams of love and happy ever after, but at that moment they seemed beyond my grasp.

Little did I know that I would meet my soul mate, my knight in shiny armor, my husband, just one and a half years after my sweet 16th birthday. We dated for three years and at the ‘mature age’ of 20 (ha!), we got married on August 13, 1994. Today we celebrate sweet 16 years of marriage! And what sweet years they have been!

As I wrote this just now, it came to me, I’ve been having trouble envisioning my future career lately. Oh I have dreams and passions, but I haven’t been able to envision how they will come together – it all seems beyond my grasp. Yet I only see a small piece of life’s puzzle, while there is a God who sees the bigger picture of my life. He has the lid to the puzzle box and each day of my life he keeps putting the pieces together. So for today, I am going to enjoy the journey, and trust that 16 years I will see a bit more clearly the bigger picture of my life.

Thanks Mike for 16 amazing years! I love you deeper and deeper with each passing year.

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Carlisle Family said...

Cathy, this is beautiful to read- congratulations to you and Mike!