Monday, August 9, 2010

2,733 miles

2,733 is how many miles we logged for this trip. This trip took us through NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, MO and KS. Our girls are the best travelers. I don't remember them complaning one time. I took this picture about 100 miles before the end of our trip. As you can see...they are still smiling! The benefit to not watching a lot of TV at home is that when we spend 25 hours in the car (over 3 days) to get home...watching movies is a fun treat for them. Their two favorite movies this trip were Princess Protection Program and Another Cinderella Story. They probably watched them each at least six times. They worked on their math workbooks (for candy & slushies) and screamed every time we'd cross a state line. Mike spent half the road trip saying "ok, guess who sings this" while I would pick a name out of the hat...I think I got like 1 out of 25 right!
We were so tired at the end of the trip we were acting a bit crazy - so I was snapping some pictures of Missouri scenery...largest morel mushroom, tree growing out of silo.
Mike drove at least 2,000 of these miles, which gave me lots of time to get lost in a few books and organize pictures on the laptop! Good times. Yes, "I could not ask for more than this time together, I could ask for more than this time with you. Right here in this moment, Is right where that I'm meant to be."

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Lois said...

It was so wonderful to have you here and glad that your trip home was a good one.