Saturday, August 7, 2010

Droid X

Ok, three people on our trip had a new Droid X and now I REALLY want one! Oh what fun I would have with that phone! I could geocache with it, I could keep our trip maps on it, I could use the internet travelling, I could twitter with it, I could, I could, I could… the fun of phones these days! But I met Dave Ramsey a few years ago and so therefore, for right now, I still have the simple ‘pay as you go’ phone. This week, I was thinking of stuff I would twitter on our trip, if I did have a Droid X. So, for fun, here they are…

  • Awww…after I told Mike we were going to have perfect weather on our trip, he said our trip would be perfect ‘cuz I’d be there!
  • We just crossed the NY state line. I’m now deaf. My girls seemed to think this was cause for screaming their lungs out.
  • Sarah asked Mike who he loves. He said ‘mommy’. With a twinkle in her eye, she said “You always love mommy!” We both smiled.
  • I love Mike’s Gram…this 92-year-old, young-at-heart, lady inspires me! It’s so good to see her again!
  • Nothing wakes you out of a sound sleep faster than the TV turning itself on at 4am. Did I mention we’re staying in a rental cabin?
  • How can the power be off at Niagara Falls? How ironic, this is where electricity started.
  • Glad the power came back on at Niagara, ‘cuz we thoroughly enjoyed getting drenched below the Falls!
  • The owner of the rental cabins came over to fix the stove. He likes us ‘cuz we are “clean and don’t do drugs.” Yep, that about sums up the condition of our cabins.
  • Lining up 14 great-grandkids, in order of birthday, on the playground slide is easier said than done. Oh, but picture perfect!
  • Found our first geocache in the dark! I found it thrilling, the girls…not so much.
  • Last day with the cousins…should be a blast at the water/amusement park!
  • Plan B – Girls spend their last day at the water/amusement park. We spend ours waiting for the tow truck and repair shop.
  • I love my in-laws!! I wish we lived closer!!

Yeah, when we get home, I might need to rework our budget to try and fit in a Droid X somewhere. Oh, make that two Droid X’s ‘cuz Mike’s kinda liking them too!

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