Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crossroads of a Decision

So Mike tells me, it's an easy decision... and I wish I could look at things as simply as he does. But I don't. For me, making a decision means that I have to analyze and over analyze and ponder every possible outcome. I have to consider priorities and how those priorities play into the decision. It's like a wrestling match...I have to wrestle thru a decision...fight, struggle...really, it's quite mentally exhausting. In big decisions, I have to ask myself questions like, 'when I get to the end of my life...do I think I'll be pleased with this decision, or have regrets?'. I ponder things like, 'God, is this a decision that is right for me/for my family?' Why do I ask these questions? I don't know...but that's how my brain is wired! Whether I want it to or not, my brain just goes there when I'm facing a big decision. So here I stand, once again, at the crossroads of a decision... and feeling quite exhausted with the process. Sigh.

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Oregon Mooneys said...

I understand completely and will be praying that God sends you a clear answer quickly!