Thursday, April 30, 2009

This n That

We have been having lots of fun with our new puppy. She's often called "Miss Daisy" or "Daisy Waisy". She's just 4 lbs, but of lots of energy. She loves to bite, especially my feet! We love her, even if she is a lot of work at the moment!

Sarah's Kindergarten Musical was tonight. It was called "How Does Your Garden Grow?". It was adorable! She had lots of fun with it. After we took the 1st picture, I asked her where her missing arms were. So in the next picture, she said, "Here they are!" and did a wave dance with them. We then went out for ice cream afterwards...yum! Sarah was eating her cone from both ends...great smiles, good memories!

Last week Morgan broke 2 bones in her arm when she fell off the Monkey bars. She didn't get a cast, just a brace, which is nice for bath time, but not so protective when she accidentally bumps it (ouch!)! Hopefully it's enough to keep her arm steady enough to heal in the next 4 weeks. She's hardly missed a beat. We even went to Silver Dollar City Sunday (avoided most rides, just went to shows...which were amazing!).

Only 16 more days left of school! I am really looking forward to summer vacation! But for this weekend, we have a date night for Friday and a Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday evening. Mike's also hoping to fix the boat this weekend, so we can get it out soon! :) Should be a fun weekend, even if it's rainy and cold!

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