Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day #3

Well we have finally seen snow in Missouri this winter! The girls have been very excited. I think most of it will melt today and Saturday we might be bike riding, since it's going to 52 by then!

We have been home from school for 3 days now...there is a layer of ice under the snow. We've had a lot of fun just hanging out. Here are a few pictures from some of the things the girls have been doing. We had a lot of fun outside, making snow angels and sledding...our new home has a great hill for sledding! I didn't want to stop, it was so much fun. The girls have been making crafts, playing their music a bit too loud (the floor below me is currently vibrating...I thought I wasn't suppose to have to deal with loud music until their teen years! :)), building forts, coloring their hair, and watching a few of their favorite tv shows. I've been enjoying staying in my pjs til noon, drinking too much hot cocoa, reading a book, figuring my way around facebook, chatting on the phone with friends, catching up on emails and today I think I'm going to pull out my scrapbook stuff!

Their first fort was in the bathtub, but they decided they didn't have enough room, so then they built this elaborate fort in the basement. They set up all the tables and everything.

Here they are making a fan and gold! They love their craft cabinet and come up with some very creative projects!

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