Friday, February 6, 2009

My daughter's joy

There's just something magical about experiencing your child's joy. Tonight Sarah got her ears pierced (for her 6th birthday) -- she has been smiling all evening and has been (and still is) so very excited! She chose the purple ones!
And then we decided to do something out of the ordinary and actually go out this we went to Chuck E. Cheese -- oh my goodness -- you should have heard the squeals and almost makes me want to go to Chuck E. Cheese every Friday night! I just love spending time together as a family...they are a lot of fun to be with! Chances are they will not remember this evening 20 years from now, and I might not either, but life isn't always about remembering every event (although I secretly wish I could remember it all, bottle it up and pour it out whenever I want!), rather life is about enjoying the journey, enjoying the moment we're in right now...and thru those moments you build relationships that make life so, so sweet!

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Eri said...

Adorable! Every girl remembers the moment she got her ears pierced, right? Did Morgan get hers done at 6 too?