Friday, January 23, 2009


I don't always have these feelings, but tonight has been a bit surreal... might I even dare say that the God of the universe is actively involved in our lives... bringing us to a place of community and friendships once again. Might I say that that thought is a bit overwhelming, comforting and fascinating all at the same time?!

So the church we've began attending (about 25 minutes away) is running around 3500 people on a Sunday, 4 services...needless to say it takes some effort to connect and it's also easy to be anonymous. Well tonight we attended "grouplink" at our church...a place to connect with others. I really wanted to connect with others from Republic, the small town we're living in...but when several hundred show up "to connect", it's a bit overwhelming. And yet, it wasn't overwhelming for God. We quickly hooked up with 1 couple from Republic (they live at the opposite end of the walking trail in our neighborhood), then another couple from Republic (who by the way use to be a teacher at Republic, before she started staying home and the teachers were just talking about her yesterday at lunch 'cuz she'd stopped by the school and they live 2-3 streets down from us.) Then we met another couple from Republic and get this...he had just called the lab this morning to find a "science speaker" and he had connected with Mike this morning in that endeavor. Two other couples also connected up with us as lives just outside of Republic and she is a counselor at a Children's Home and another lady joined from Republic whose husband is currently serving in Iraq. So I don't know what the future looks like and if any or all of these wonderful people will become some of our closest friends, but I do know that the God of the universe is intimately involved in our lives...and that brings tears of hope to my eyes.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad tonight went so well! Hopefully this will be the start of your up hill climb after a long couple of weeks. :) love ya - sis

Eri said...

God does things in such a cool way...I guess so we will give him the glory! That is so great!