Monday, December 22, 2008

Joyous Time of Year

Oh this joyous time of year hasn't been so joyous the past few days. I am extremely stressed/worried about the traveling weather they are prediciting the next couple of days, I am exhausted from all the prep work from getting ready for Christmas and to the way, there is still not a thing in a suitcase! And now I am home today with strep throat! I have been miserable the past few days...sleeping awful, hardly eating. I actually made fudge and didn't feel like eating it because I've felt so horrible!

The thing I love about traveling for the holidays though is that I just leave the world chores or errands or things I should be doing...I get to just be in the moment when we escape town and head North for a few days...and I love that!

And for some reason my blog is doing weird stuff with the pictures in the post below...not sure what's going on our how to fix it...hopefully you can see them ok!

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