Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Crazy Week

I'm glad this week isn't a typical's been crazy. The Governor's ribbon cutting at the new lab is on Mike has been working crazy hours and now that they officially moved evidence into the employee has to be there at all times with the contractors. Guess who that is? :) I'm also trying to get out Christmas cards, finish up Christmas shopping, the girls had their annual Christmas party to celebrate Jesus' birthday last Saturday with their friends and this Saturday we're having Mike's work Christmas party here. I won't even tell you the last time it was since I mopped floors (it's embarrassing!)...I have so much to do to get ready! Both the girls have had total complete meltdowns this you think they're feeling the tension of the craziness?!?!

But work has been fun lately...yesterday I got to help make gingerbread cookies most of the day, today is Santa's workshop where they are making lots of week they are going to the theatre to see a movie...and there's a pajama day watching Polar Express coming up too. How much fun is that?! :) And I get, how lucky is that? :) I love being in Kindergarten! :)

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