Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mike's in the Spotlight

The other night I'm on my way home and Mike calls... "I won't be here when you get home 'cuz I have a meeting now.", "ok, have fun." "I'm not excited about it, they're interviewing for a news story". Like I said, have fun! :) Neither him nor I like the "spotlight" and avoid it as much as we can, we just have the personalities that enjoy the "behind the scenes, get stuff done" kinda life! But every now and then we're pushed out of our comfort zones! :) With that said, here is the online video of the news story.

And oh yah, we got $4.68 for our 1st 36 lbs of hulled walnuts and last night we got $15.08 for the next 116 lbs. We should have one more trip, by the looks of what still needs to fall off the tree. They girls are spending their money at Sarah's school book fair tonight.

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