Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Perfect Job

Sometimes I feel like I'm living a dream. Last week when I was going back thru my huge employment folder, I came across a questionarie...and one of the questions was "If you knew you'd die in 6 months, what would you do differently?" You know, other than write a few more letters to my girls and a few others...there's nothing I would change. My life is full of all that important to me and I really feel like I'm living this wonderful dream called my life.

When I heard the Principal tell me the story today of how this position opened up for me... I couldn't help but know it was an answer to my prayers... a perfect job created for me. I've been hired to be a Title I Reading Assistant working with 27 different kindergartners in 4 different classrooms, helping them "catch-up" with the other kiddos. How wonderful that I get to be in investing in young lives...and then even how more wonderful that I get to be here with my own kids, enjoying their lives, when they are at home. Their school hours are my hours. It's perfect. I begin on Monday. I could have started tomorrow, but I needed a few days to finish up a few things!

So why do I find myself in tears now? I think this is the final step in ending this season of my life and a huge step into the new season that has begun for us. I think in a way I'm just grieving the final end of that season and I know soon I'll be celebrating this new season, but first I need a few more tears. I did the same thing when we signed the papers for our new home...left there crying, grieving the final end of our time in Jeff City. And now, two months later, I am enjoying our beautiful new home in this wonderful community of Republic.

Oh yeah, one more thing, last night the girls built a fort and had a "club" which they asked me to be a part of...we had to tell secrets/dreams, share a scary story (about wolves, witches and poison), and then do "homework". It was cute...and fun to be curled up under the pool table laughing with the girls! :) Yes, life is good.


Eri said...

Congrats on the job! And God had it there for you, designed for you, perfect for you, because he loves you so much! Your desires have become His desires. You truly are living out Psalm 37:4, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart".

Anna Casey said...

I'm glad to read this and hear about your new job, but I'm also sad with you as you grieve leaving the stay-at-home mom part of your life behind. Ugh!! And, I agree, you are perfect for the job you described, these children will be blessed to have your influence, and I'm sure you'll be blessed by them as well. Know that I'm thinking about you as you adjust to the new season...