Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jobs, Careers and Aaahhh!!

I'm in the middle of filling out 3 job applications...and I'm just getting extremely frustrated by the entire process! I have spent over 1 1/2 hours on just one application! It's ridiculous the questions they ask...I mean who really cares what I made 12 years ago at a job? Besides, it's depressing me to look it up and discover that I made more money 12 years ago than what they are offering to pay for the current jobs I'm applying for! And none of these jobs are jobs that I just dreamed about as a child or even a young adult...oh when I grow up I just want to be Driver Exam Monitor! And yet these positions offer me the opportunity to keep my focus on my kids and continue to enjoy these years with them, while allowing me to earn a little bit of money while they are at school. And yet my heart screams...I want both a job that I love and to keep my focus at home. And so I just find myself in a puddle of tears at the moment...having so much experience and so many gifts, and yet not being able to figure out where to best invest my time. Oh Lord, I need some direction and some wisdom!

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