Monday, April 28, 2008


I just dropped Sarah off at Preschool and I'm back home. The house is quiet. I need quiet to replenish, and so I tell myself I should appreciate these moments. And yet I find tears in my eyes, because they really are growing up, these days of always being home with them are coming to an end. Life is always is.

I was mad this morning about "mad minutes". Morgan has to pass step 4 of these "mad minutes" at school by this Friday to get a special party. But it is just not "clicking" for her. She is crying and frustrated and I just seem to be confusing her more than helping her when I work with her. First grade has been so hard for her. She comes home completely exhausted, has a melt down almost every evening. Sometimes I wish I had all the answers as a mom. But I don't. And it hurts. But I continue to pray that she will find the gaps and hard places (that I don't have answers too), filled by an amazing God. As I grow in christ-likeness on my journey, I can model that to her, but I can't be perfect. God alone is perfect.

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Airport Gal said...

I remember trying to teach my oldest son the concept of time. Oh, how frustrating it would be...for both he and I! I later discovered that he just wasn't quite mature enough to grasp that concept yet. If I would have waiting a couple of months and come back to would have made all the difference in the world!