Friday, April 11, 2008

Moving, Moments and Sparkles

So with moving and all coming up this summer, I just thought this would be a fun way to keep in touch with friends. We'll see how it works out! :) Hopefully I'll even reconnect with some friends I haven't been in touch with in awhile, but whom I think of still often.

While moving is a big event, that changes the course of your life, I really feel that it is the small moments in life that give life value, richness, meaning. After all, we really only have this moment, and then this moment is gone. What a gift.

So, here's a moment. I love being a mom of two girls...they add sparkles to my life. Literally. So, I'm finishing up folding the laundry the other day...and I notice that my shirt is sparkling. So I begin to look...and I find all the clothes are sparkling...yes, even Mike's work clothes! Then I find it...a tube of pink sparkle lipstick that Sarah's friend gave her at school the other day. Obviously, I forgot to check her pockets first! So all my nicely folded clothes went back in the washing machine...and I called Mike to let him know he might be a bit more sparkly the next time he gets dressed! :) And while I was a bit discouraged about doing the laundry again, I still had to smile about the extra sparkles in my day!


Airport Gal said...

Oh my gosh! What a great way to look at kids! Sparkles!

Wait until you have grandkids! They become your "diamonds", "emeralds", and "rubies". There's nothing like it! Lucy

Eri said...

So awesome to see you on blogworld! I can't wait to keep in touch this way. I apreciate your positive outlook on life...I'm sure you're a fun mom! Love, Erica

Sis said...

Love the new blog, can't wait to see more