Friday, March 18, 2016

Living with a cracked elbow

A quote Morgan read out loud from her book and Sarah promptly said it sounded like me falling! haha!
This past week I've been getting good at being one-handed. I am Improvising a lot using my teeth, my thighs, my chin to help get things open. There's a lot of things that are hard to do with just one hand. Opening my mascara. Stuffing an envelope. Putting on deodorant. Unscrewing caps. Tying my shoes. Folding laundry. I am thankful that I can speak into my phone and it types for me! 

As much as this week has sucked since I cracked my elbow, I have been reminded that there is much beauty in ashes. I just had to pause and capture a little bit of it...

  • I've been doing a book club/study at church since September and I've formed some amazing friendships!! They've checked in with me to make sure I'm OK this week. They've brought me meals every night this week. Yum! They have busy full lives and have a lot going on too. I felt loved that they've paused and supporting me in this way. Thanks Colette, Ruth, Lori, Claudia, Janet and Amber!
  • My friend Marian called to check in on me. I hadn't visited with her in a long time and it was good to catch up!
  • And my family?! They've been amazing! Willingly helping me every time I ask. With a good attitude. They've had to step up and help me more with my Etsy orders. I know it's not their favorite. 
  • The other night in the car I was in bad shape. Sarah continually got her hands cold on her water bottle and put them on my forehead to give me relief. As soon as we got home Morgan got me medicine without even asking. Their concern for me warms my heart. 
  • A mom of a girl in my Sunday school class told me that her sweet girl remembered me in her prayers this week. 
  • And countless well wishes on social media and texts has been sweet too!!

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