Friday, May 29, 2015

"All Mixed Up" A to Z Summer Fun

So for the summer of 2015, we are doing "all mixed up" A to Z summer fun.  We aren't going in order and just doing what we feel like on the days we have time.  Like today we are starting with G Day since it's a rainy inside kind of day! We also aren't taking a big trip this year, so this year's list includes some 'bigger' items for weekend-trips and stay-cation fun. Find more ideas here: A to Z Summer Fun

An afternoon with Mrs. Long
Baking Day
Cinema visit
Driving with Dad (take us to an empty parking lot and let us drive); Donuts
Edible Paper (make)
Finding Diamonds @ Diamond Crater State Park
Games! Games! Games!
Helping at Convoy of Hope (July)
Ice Cream (homemade)
Japanese Stroll Garden Relaxing Day
Kayaking @ Lake Springfield (or in Arkansas)
Library Program and/or visit
Movie Day
Neighbors Over
Outing with Henry
Pizza Picnic at the Park with Pop
Quick! Run from the water balloons!
Runway (buy new school clothes and show them off); Rainbow Making
Six Flags with Stolls
Treasure Hunt
Upcycle Craft Day
Venture to the Lake
Water Fun @ Republic Pool
Xmas Day – Celebrate Christmas in July
Yogurt (the frozen kind) and Yoga
Zone Visit (Sky Zone that is!)

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Danavee said...

Of course, I love A day, but that D and F are a close second and third!