Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gifts from the Heart

Just wanted to capture a few of the sweet moments from yesterday. The girls had the day off school and I enjoyed spending my 40th birthday with them. Donuts with dad. Shopping at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Dinner at home (because eating out on Valentines Day is crazy!). Game of Scrabble.  I also asked them for gifts from the heart, not from the store this year.  Simply precious.

Morgan made me this made-from-scratch Hershey's chocolate cake.
She even put a surprise inside - it had a cookie layer too!
I'm glad she likes being a 'Baker'! ;) 

Sarah painted me this picture.
Her first attempt with her new 'fancy' water colors.
She also gave me coupons to make 40 dinners!!
And then she told me "I hope you are ready to eat 40 spaghetti dinners!"
Think we'll be expanding her cooking experiences. ;)
I'd say the first page of this new decade makes me excited to keep reading!


Elizabeth Heironimus said...

Happy Birthday, Cathy!!!
Love, Elizabeth and Rachel

Lisa Larson said...

Happy Birthday, my sweet friend! Looks like an amazing day full of sweet gifts :) Hope it was Incredible for you!! Love and miss you!!