Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Perfectly Perfect Weird Kids

My kids are weird. And I love them and all their weirdness.

I also must say, that after getting these 3 texted pictures (while leaving them in the car for 5 minutes) to run into the store the other day, I'm certain they must get their weirdness from their dad. Certain of it. ;) I promised them I wouldn't put the actual pictures on instagram nor facebook.  They didn't mention my blog so I thought about putting them here, but I'm still trying to keep on my 12 year old's good side, so here's all I can post: 

They make me smile. Always. I love sharing life with these totally awesome people.  But let me just share their 'weirdness'.

MORGAN: For two weeks now she's been trying to figure out how she can get out of going to school tomorrow.  This morning, she acknowledged that she is waking up tomorrow for school, so I'm hopeful she will actually go to school. However, I'm still not convinced I won't get a call from the nurse at the beginning of 6th period tomorrow informing me my daughter has a stomach ulcer and I need to take her to the ER immediately!   

So why does she not want to go to school, you ask? It's the SCHOOL PEP RALLY!

And apparently at some pep rallies they call students up to compete in some silly games (sounds horrible, I know!) and she is SCARED TO DEATH they are going to call her and she will embarrass herself (by fainting, she says) in front of the whole school! On a serious note, I do feel bad that she has so many anxieties.  But I think I may have the only kid in the entire school who is begging not to go to school because of a pep rally! (And so okay, maybe I had similar fears in MS! Did I ever beg my mom to stay home?)

SARAH: About three weeks ago she informed me she wanted to be a COW for Halloween. Yes, a cow. No, we don't live on a farm. No, she has never mentioned having a love of cows before.  In fact, I don't even remember cows even being the topic of any conversation in the past year.  But in the last 3 weeks, she has NOT changed her mind.  She's determined she's being a COW and that we are making the costume, from scratch. Ummm,yay!

I ate lunch at school with her last week and brought up the topic of Halloween at the lunch table, and even when her friends looked at her weird that she wanted to be a COW, she was still happy with her choice!!   Then when I searched for cute 'tween costumes online to try and give her some other ideas, she was steadfast in her decision to be a cow!

I am certain she will be the cutest 10-year-old to ever dress up like a cow! Okay, maybe she will be the only 10-year-old ever to dress up like a cow, but she will be so cute, I'm certain next year her friends will be dressing up like cows too -- she'll probably convince them to be an entire herd! :) Now if you excuse me, I do have to go order a headband with cow ears (because I'm not going to try and make that part!).

I know I'm a day late, but linking up with Cyrstal Stine: Behind the Scenes!


Chelsey said...

Ok, way too funny!! And the cow costume... yeah.. good luck with that:) But on the bright side - save it and get FREE Chick-fil-a on those dress like a cow days!!!

Mel said...

Aw, I love it. And if y'all succeed in actually MAKING a cow costume (something that would completely impress me...) please post pictures? Tell her Maelie wants to see them! ;)

And, side note...Maelie STILL loves that princess ball and talks about her friends who gave it to her. I still smile when I think about that day. So fun! I hope you are doing has been a bit all over the place lately, but I'd love to catch up soon. Have a wonderful day! :)

Cathy Baker said...

Yes, if only my 'weird' daughter liked Chick-Fil-A! Maybe she'll wear it and get me the free food! :)

Cathy Baker said...

Yes, will definitely take pictures! :) I still smile when I think of that day too! :) Yes, we must catch up soon! :) I'm home tomorrow!