Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bye, Bye 11...Hello Future

Today is Morgan's last day as an 11 year old! Three (short) years til she gets her driving permit. Yikes! Where or where are these precious year flying by to? 

Oh how often I wish there was a pause button for life, anyone with me?! 

Today, I had Morgan write a list of 11 things she'd still like to do in her lifetime. Here is her (precious) list...

  1. Visit Hollywood
  2. Go to Disney Land/World
  3. Visit all the states
  4. travel around the world
  5. become a marine biologist
  6. go to YellowStone (we still hope to take girls there in next few years!)
  7. Finish Collage (aka college ;))
  8. Get A PHONE!! (I like how this is the only one in caps)
  9. Go on a cruise for a month -- or two
  10. Live in Hawaii
  11. Become a Mom
Oh sweet daughter of mine, who is sunshine and brightness, I hope your dreams one day become reality! (or that God replaces them with even sweeter ones!!) Love you, til the day after forever! 

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