Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Behind the Scenes

There's this fun little Tuesday link-up over at that I've been wanting to join all summer, and while I'm a day late even today (we were traveling yesterday), I'm finally joining in.

crystalstine.meHere's the linkup: Social media and online relationships can make us feel like everyone else has it all together. We're edited, proof-read, Pinterest-perfect versions of ourselves  (or so some might think!) when - in reality? There is an unfinished pile of laundry around the corner. That cute toddler smiling for the camera just had a massive meltdown seconds ago. That yummy breakfast-for-dinner you just showed us on Instagram? It's because the cat licked the chicken that was supposed to be for dinner. 

My biggest trouble is figuring out what one picture to choose. There are so many behind the scenes stories from my photos.  The stories only I know, unless I put the stories on my blog or fb page. I'm using a couple of photos today, because for me it's an entire 'behind the scenes' trip...

Photo: Cousin time! MO. MA. FL. NY. Camping and Cedar Point #missingafew ages 3-12

It started early spring, with an added line in a fb message to my SIL - 'sure going to miss seeing you this summer' -- and ended with a trip planned to Cedar Point with both my husband's brothers who live in WI and MA, then it happens a cousin is heading north from FL to NY, and another cousin from NY decides to join the fun too...we are ready to revisit the place of our childhood fun memories ... Cedar Point!!

And while we did have a good time, it wasn't the ideal trip we had imagined. And I guess most trips usually aren't, but this one had some biggies.  Like 3 days before our trip, my SIL's sister lost her long, brave battle with cancer. Our hearts still ache for them and their loss. And we really missed them being with us on the trip.

Then my other SIL and niece got sick on the trip out. Vomiting sick. Thankfully, a cabin was open, so they were able to be in a/c with a bathroom instead of 90 degree tent weather. They even attempted a few hours at Cedar Point, but it ended with my niece getting sick again. At least they were there to see us stuck at the top of the Gemini.

Which while I'm stuck on the top, and trying to remain calm, keep telling the kids, this will make a fun story later (thankfully it was only a 10 min stuck)...

Photo: Heres another pic from our adventure yesterday. Stuck at the top of the Gemini. #tryingtostaycalm #cedarpoint #rollercoaster #makesgoodstorylater
can you tell which one of my daughters is having fun stuck at the top? 

With so many miles between us, and busy lives, we cherish these little summer get-togethers of staying connected with family and letting the cousins have growing-up-together memories.  So if anyone wants to fund a do-over vacation for us, I'd certainly take you up on that offer! :)

Then there was my 12 year olds complete melt-down.  It started with 1.5 hour long wait, in the sun, to ride the Gateway, and just went downhill from there. Oh I was mad. I was yelling at her about her attitude. Threatening anything I could think of. I believe I was even stomping my feet walking. Ugh. Why does she have to ruin this day with her attitude? (As if my attitude is helping!)  Even her dad told her she was on her last straw and she would go back to the campground if she didn't change her attitude.  I'm happy to report, she did change and had a fun day after that, but oh, that half-hour was NOT fun.

But talking with Mike's cousin's wife, she said something like, I'm glad to know you yell too...because I think you have it all together when I see your stuff online.  Umm, no. I don't. I yell more than I want as a mom. I say the wrong things. I get sucked into their tantrums. And yes, as I'm discovering, even 12 year olds have tantrums. :)

Okay, even 39 year olds have melt-downs (like when I called my sister, trying not to cry because I had both phones, all the drinks, money...and was completely separated from Mike who had 5 kids by himself...and I could not find him anywhere and had no idea where to even look!).

But my conversation with her reminded me, that yes, sometimes it is important to share the behind-the-scenes of our beautiful, yet not-so-perfect lives!

And again, I'm reminded, that there is beauty, and happiness mingled with all of the not-so-good, and its those sweet times of laughing, connecting, togetherness that I will choose to remember... so thankful for family. always.
Photo: "I can see why it would be so easy to spit from up here." Oh Sarah, you gave me many smiles at Cedar Point and I enjoyed riding so many rides with you! #sweetheart
This always-smiling girl, made my heart smile a lot this day.
"I can see why it would be easy to spit from up here." ;) 

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