Monday, June 18, 2012

Randomness for Today

My mind is all over the place this morning. Here are several facebook posts I could have wrote this morning…
  • My favorite part of the weekend was smelling my lake drenched, sun kissed, breeze filled hair.
  • My soul needs a quiet place to process news, but my calendar says 'not yet'.
  • Do you know the one word I always spell wrong? Calender! Why can’t I just write calendar the first time?
  • Treasuring Morgan’s last day as a 10 year old today.
  • Thinking back on the last full day of my 'career' I worked 11 years ago today. So glad I chose to be a stay at home mom all those years ago.
  • Walking to the post office this morning to mail off my dad’s father’s day gift. Yes, I know Father’s Day was yesterday.
  • Some days I feel the 600+ miles between my family and me more than others. Today is one of those days.
  • How we celebrated the ‘best daddy’ this weekend – ice cream before ballgame, ballgame with ice cream, day at lake with dockside ice cream, church followed by ice cream, movie followed with pizza (you thought I’d say ice cream again, didn’t you?)  
  • A week full of happiness ahead…welcome Monday, welcome! 

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