Tuesday, June 19, 2012

11 Ways

Here are 11 ways we celebrated Morgan at her 11th birthday party...

1. Invited four of her giggliest friends over for a backyard sleepover.  They finally fell asleep in the tent around 5am! They were still smiling and giggly the morning after! 

2. Made glow in the dark lanterns. side note: These look awesome (and girls loved them!) but I'm not sure I'll do them again though, 'cuz they're messy and involve some broken glass when you break open the glow stick to dump into the container. My inspiration for these was found here at Lil Blue Boo.

3. Had a giant s'more birthday cake. Special thanks to the most amazing Darian! And those girls really ate all 5.5 of those GIANT Hershey bars! 

4. Opened gifts by the campfire with flashlights.  

5. Had a water balloon fight. 
6. Had her favorite for dinner - hotdogs over the campfire, along with monster tub of cheese balls and sour patch grapes.

7. Made s'more cones. 

8. Decorated flashlights. 

9. Had a flashlight treasure hunt. 

10. Played Hide n Go Seek in the dark til midnight. 

11. Had a birthday breakfast on the deck. 

So thankful for the joy Morgan has brought to my life these past 11 years! 

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