Monday, April 2, 2012

Pure Randomness

I was just looking at my girls this past weekend. Staring at them really. In awe of the beautiful people who were sitting on the other side of the window. I couldn't help but think about how I could still see the little babies I use to hold in my arms, and all the while I could also see the women they will one day become. What a journey to experience! I love my sweet life I get to share alongside Mike being a part of their growing up!

Oh the things I do for my daughter. I am running again. Not because I want to. At all. But she wants me to. She wants to run the 5k race with me. So here I am trying to get in shape...again. If only I'd stay in shape and stop quitting, it would be so much easier. I need some accountability here. I'm glad she wants to do it with me, and that she is motivating me to get back in shape again. It's feeling good.

April Fool's Day was yesterday. We put colored Easter egg dye tablets in the faucet of their bathroom and the kitchen sink. At first Morgan was worried...and I played along, "I'll have dad come look at it as soon as he's out of the shower!" Then she remembered it was April Fool's Day - so she convinced herself that the city was playing an April Fool's Trick on us by changing our water colors...hilarious! :) Oh and the girls helped make some french fries (out of sugar cookie dough) for our friends who came over Sunday evening - we tricked a few of the littler kids with the fries! :) (I might add a picture on Wednesday when I have more time to upload them!)

I've set a personal goal of submitting a few of my ideas to publishers by the end of the school year. And there's only 34 more days of school left! I never know unless I try! So I may as well go for it! What do I have to lose? A little time, a few stamps. And what do I have to gain? The hope of encouraging others with my words...yep, definitely going for it!

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