Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Blessings

We celebrate Easter because Easter changed everything for all of history! It's a joy we celebrate everyday, although I appreciate Easter because it is a significant pausing to celebrate the One who loved us enough to give us Easter!

These sweet girls...are our sweet Easter Blessings!

And even though our Easter Weekend has been packed with fun, it is these prayers that I treasure the most from the weekend.  Last night, Morgan's Bedtime Prayer went something like this: "God, thank you for learning at church tonight (well, even though I already knew), but Thank You that you are stronger than anything God, even death!"  I LOVE others pouring truth into her heart too!

And then this morning, here is how my conversation with Sarah went, "You know the first thing I did this morning?!" "No, what?" "When I woke up, I prayed!" "What did you pray?" "I thanked God for sending his son, for him dying on a cross and rising again!"  I'm so glad she woke up celebrating what this day is really all about!

These past 3 days we've also crammed in - coloring Easter eggs, watching 2 movies, an overnight trip to Indoor Waterpark, that included an egg hunt, shopping, Lamberts, church, treasure hunt for Easter baskets, emptying of said Easter baskets, learning cat's cradle, a hike, geocaching, a picnic and a backyard campfire! I love sharing life with Mike and the girls!
Intensely learning Cat's Cradle
My view from my picnic blanket today. Beautiful day to celebrate Easter!

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