Saturday, November 19, 2011

Autumn Gorgeousness

I absolutely LOVE pinterest these days. Even more than facebook, which is saying a lot. Pinterest just makes me smile. and feel happy. and inspires me. I've collected a few autumn photos on my pinterest boards.
Rainbow Woods
 I **wish** I could take beautiful photos like this.
 I **wish** I could visit these breathtakingly beautiful places in person.
Early Autumn, Bulgaria
I **wish** one of these photos could be the view off my back deck.
But for now, I'm **thankful** for the talent of others who do visit and live in these places, and pause to capture these sights on film. Because just looking at these pictures makes me smile. And breathe in deeply. And celebrate the One who painted all this gorgeous creation!  So as the last of autumn leaves us for another year, I just wanted to pause and celebrate the beauty these photos capture! Thank you to each of these 'unknown' photographers whose photos have added a simple joy to my life!

Somewhere 'Out West', America

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