Thursday, October 13, 2011

True Beauty

My beautiful daughters. 
Each passing year I get to be these girls' mom, I am more and more aware of how deeply I want them to understand true beauty. To know that even more important than how beautiful they are on the outside, it is what's inside of them that will carry them well through life. To have positive self-esteem. In a world that seems to insist little girls grow up too quickly and 'sexy' seems to be encouraged at a younger and younger age (do you hear my sigh?) - I want them to know that being modest is beautiful too. That's why I love, because they exist to help instill the value of true beauty into tween girls.  Secret Keeper Girls has a national 'pajama party tour' for tweens and their moms - and I had a fun night with the girls at the event earlier this week!

We ate dinner at Andy's before the Secret Keeper Event! & of course I let them get hot fudge jackhammered into the middle of their concretes!
Lucky us - we have wonderful neighbors!
The girls (and their moms) came with us! 

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