Thursday, October 28, 2010


Gratitude. It's the gift I received today.  I had the joy of planning the Fall Party for Sarah's class.  I've done Morgan's class parties the last 4 years, so this year was definitely Sarah's turn.  We played M&M fall bingo, made a fall craft, did the mummy wrap game, ate spiders for a snack, and made a giant spiderweb.  Good times. The best of times, really.

Afterwards, as we are walking out to the car, Sarah says to me, "Thank you mommy for coming to have lunch with me! and thank you for the fun party!"  So as fun as the party was, and planning it was, the greatest joy came in my daughter pausing to say thanks at the end!

I also got to drop in for the last half of Morgan's party. She's in 4th grade and still gives me hugs when I see her at school, oh, I'm soaking it all up! I'm not going to be 'cool' for much longer, so I love that I am still cool in her 4th grade eyes!

Both classes did the mummy wrap game. Here's a few pictures I took of the cutest mummies I ever did see!

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