Monday, July 12, 2010

Michigan Memories

Ok, I guess I’m really lovin’ this A to Z thing lately! As we pulled out of my parent’s driveway this morning, the girls were crying, no actually sobbing, ‘cuz as Sarah said, “It’s just so sad!” So after 10 minutes and it hadn’t stopped, I decided to start thinking of the happy memories, which led to our A to Z of Michigan Memories. And the best part… the tears were finished by the time we completed this list!

A Grrrrrreat Time (That’s how Tony the Tiger says it!)
Beach @ Lake Michigan, VanBuren State Park
Candles on Suzie’s cake (Happy 34th!)
Dune Buggy ride around the big loop
Extra fun cousin time
Getting to see Gram & Gramps and Uncle Ben & Aunt Suzie
Hamburgers & Hot dogs on the grill
Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream!
Jumping on the trampoline with Tori
Kayaking for the first time
Lighting up the sky with fireworks
Museum (Impression 5) and Mosquitoes galore!
Noah, Tori, Steve
Overnight sleepover with cousins
Pennfield Pizza
Quite the fun playing games
Riding bikes
Swimming at the lake and Sprinkler time
Toy Story 3
Up in the air Hot Air Balloons!
Visiting friends and family in Michigan
Wii fit competitions
Xtra Pretty flowers @ MSU Children’s Garden
Yes! More pictures for the scrapbook (only 504!)


The Rawson's said...

Your family is SO amazing. I love reading about all the fun things yall do together. Your girls are precious and you are one of the BEST moms i know. I hope Olivia thinks I'm half as good as you are with your girls.

Carlisle Family said...

Love the A-Z for Michigan! Love even more that we got to see you while you were here :)