Thursday, August 13, 2009

15 Years and Counting

15 Years ago I married my best friend and the best part? 15 years later I'm still married to my best friend! Sometimes it just feels like yesterday when I said "I do" and yet when I look back, we've needed 15 years for all we've done together! Here are some of the 'moments' we've shared:
  • Both graduated from college
  • Lived 9 different places (5 different towns)
  • Became parents of two beautiful daughters
  • Grieved the loss of Mike's mom and sister and five grandparents
  • Welcomed 9 nieces and nephews into our lives
  • Purchased a boat, I learned to waterski, he learned to wakeboard
  • Discovered we liked mountain biking, Frisbee golf and geocaching
  • Owned 4 cars (cavalier, taurus, xterra and suburban)
  • Owned 3 tents, lost track of number of camping trips
  • Owned two dogs, one hamster and one turtle
  • Traveled to/thru 16 states, (MI, MO, OK, IN, IL, WI, MI, OH, PA, NY, VA, TN, KY, NC, KS, CO plus Canada & Mexico)
  • Attended five churches (dozens more visited)
  • 7 jobs for me, 2 for Mike (plus temporary jobs)
  • Only debt is our mortgage

Then there are all the those little things shared that weave into the fabric of life. So I wonder how many times we've:

  • eaten ice cream cones
  • taken walks
  • watched movies
  • shared meals
  • travelled to visit family
  • stolen kisses
  • told jokes
  • shared laughter
  • argued and made up
  • found a middle ground
  • gone on picnics
  • roasted marshmallows
  • he held me as I cried
  • made love
  • enjoyed silent moments
  • been grateful for this life that we call "ours"!

How blessed I am to share life's amazing journey with Mike!

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