Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Chapter

Yes, a new chapter has begun for us! Our girls are now both in school full time! And just like any good book, I'm filled with expectation as to what the next chapter holds. It's a great story that I'm so glad to be living! Here are a few pictures from this morning. It was so hard to choose just a few!

Our big Kindergartner! Sarah did not want us to take her to school on her 1st day, she wanted to ride the bus with her sister.
I think Morgan would have gladly let us take her on this first day at a new school, but she was brave and eager to help her little sister on the bus. Yes, she really is in 2nd grade already!

The girls are in different school buildings and will be until High School, as there are only 2 grades per building, but they do ride the same bus to school.

Aren't they so cute giggling? It's what I needed to hear this morning!
We had a rainy first day and unseasonably cold weather, I think it will stay in the 70s today...which for August in Missouri, is cold! But aren't they cute walking to the bus stop with their umbrellas?

p.s. Yes, I did cry after the bus pulled away!


Eri said...

They are beautiful girls! Adorable pic of them walking to the bus with their backpacks that are just about as big as them! So the kindergarten there is all day everyday?

Anna Casey said...

Oh, Wow! The "walking away under the umbrella" picture is just too much for me (but I'm a little sensitive about that right now...) I was finally able to catch up with all of your posts this morning and so enjoyed reading your thoughts! You communicate so much of what is going on in my own head right now.