Friday, July 18, 2008


The girls were just watching part of Mary Poppins, so that song is going thru my head. I love that song! :)

Some unexpected surprises this week...
  • we have front row seats to a weekly rock concert, as a local band practices in their garage behind our house frequently. Mike says they are pretty good. Don't ask me, I can barely keep a beat clapping!
  • Mike got his promotion this week!
  • We've had a date night every night this week!!! We went to church this past Sunday and they were having Vacation Bible School every evening this week and the girls wanted to go. They've had a lot of fun...and we've enjoyed running errands and furniture shopping with just the 2 of us!
  • we put our moving boxes on and they were picked up in 1.5 hours! Well at least the ones we got unpacked so far!

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