Saturday, December 17, 2016

One Second Everyday 2016

This year, I tried to capture one second every day. I missed a couple of days, but it's still a great collection of the memories of 2016. You can view it on our youtube channel (click here). 

Baker Family Highlights of 2016

u 20 years of living in Missouri and Mike working for MSHP Crime Lab 
uMorgan turned 15, got her driving permit, loves colorguard (learned to spin rifle and sabre, on top of flags, this year), loves swim, and took a trip to San Francisco with her grandparents 
u Sarah turned 13 (yes, a teen!), absolutely loves reading, also enjoys colorguard, volunteer opportunities, and swim too! She also got her braces on this year! 
u Family Trip to Smoky Mountains (we saw a bear, went white water rafting, and hiked to some amazing waterfalls!)
u 22nd anniversary 
u Mike has been enjoying photography more this year, and Cathy loves finding the waterfalls to capture on film 
u Mike joined a local shooting range and has enjoyed target practice
uCathy & Mike Arkansas getaway, slept in a yurt  
u 3 trips to Michigan (summer, thanksgiving, Christmas) 
u We redid a room in our basement and made it an etsy studio for Cathy’s business, with a beautiful pallet wall! 
u And we bought a new (to us) car with scrabble tiles (business is good!)

Celebrating 20 Years at the MSHP Crime Lab

Michigan Summer 2016

Michigan Thanksgiving 2016

These beauties who call me mom! 

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