Thursday, January 2, 2014

OneWord365: Engage

I love the concept of this! No resolutions. Just one word for 365 days to focus on.  Last year my word was dream.  This year I've chosen Engage to be my word for 2014. If you want to join along, you can get lots of encouragement and inspiration over at One Word 365

You see, I want to fully engage in my one life. I want to live it well. 
  • I want to engage in relationships -- in real life and online. 
  • I want to engage in projects and opportunities that I'm passionate about. 
  • I want to engage my abs more. ;) 

Because the honest truth is that in many ways, I've become lazy. And I've let social media distract me and waste my hours. And yes, I do have regrets from 2013 where I could have engaged more fully and did not.

I don't have a big to do list, and not sure what this fully looks like, but I am ready to engage in all that life offers in 2014!


Mel said...

Love your word for the year!!! :) Happy 2014, friend!

Amy Lynn said...

…engaging with you!