Sunday, October 21, 2012

A-Maze-ing Weekend

Our weekend captured in words...with a few pics thrown in too!

Sipping Apple Cider slushies. Driving through countryside. Then driving through Mark Twain National Forest. Being captivated by this glorious Fall.  It may be one of the prettiest falls we've had since moving to Missouri. Replenishing my soul with God's beautiful, ever changing, creation.

Hiking at Roaring River State Park, definitely the most beautiful place within an hour drive of us!  Climbing Trees. Silliness (monkeys in trees). Leaves crunching under our feet.

Sarah making up hiking games - who can find...biggest leaf, smallest leaf, longest leaf. Collecting the prettiest leaves we can find under the forest's canopy.

Picnicking along the river bank. Breathing in deeply fresh ozark air.

Spending Saturday morning helping paint rooms at Community Partnership. Love serving alongside other moms and daughters. Beautiful people giving up a Saturday morning to volunteer within our community,  invest in relationships with their daughters, and put compassion into action!
Mike finally got FOX to come thru our antenna - yay! - thus getting to finally watch the cardinals in the playoffs. This makes him happy.  (on the downside, now we've lost NBC. Got some more adjusting to do!)  Oh, and making three batches of Rolo's cookies and munching on them all weekend long.

Spending Sunday morning serving as a family at North Point Church.  I'm so thankful for the authentic, amazing people who lead, serve and attend at our church. Who are the hands and feet of Christ in our community.  I also love it when God speaks deeply into my soul some truths that it needs to hear.

Lastly, we went to a corn maze tonight with friends.  Kids running around, pretending to be 'lost'.  Then a hayride. Facepainting. Definitely fall fun. The only thing we still need to get is our pumpkins!

Oh and did I mention the entire weekend was sunny and in the 70s! You don't get a fall weekend more perfect than the one I just got to enjoy!

I love him!
and this beautiful life we share!

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