Monday, November 11, 2013

Sarah's (A to Z) Christmas List

I have no idea where Sarah got the idea to do an A to Z Christmas list (he,he!), but I thought it was kinda a cute idea she had!  I just had to laugh at some of her ideas though...she really stretched her imagination to come up with some of these, and I just had to share them! (misspellings left as is)

H - Homemade Purse (I don't think she'd use it if I actually tried sewing her a purse!)
J - Jumpy Pogo Stick (as opposed to the kind that don't jump?)
M - Magenta colored gloves
Q - Quick Electric Scotter (I thought about getting her the slow scooter, I'm glad she clarified!)
T - Tight Skirt (okay, this one made me laugh out loud!) 
U - Unmanated picture of all the family (how in the world does she know what an un-matted picture is?)

How about these 'animals'?
D - Dog (at the top of her list, a real one!)
D - Dolphin Blanket
F - Fish with fish bowl
K - Kangaroo stuffed animal
O - Octipuss stuffed animal
R - Rabbit stuffed animal

Here's the food ones:
A - Andy's Gift Card (big surprise there!)
B - Bubble Gum
L - Lollypop

Then there's her sister who wants:

  • A Real Camera you can add lenses too
  • A Coach Purse
  • Tom's Shoes

(obviously, my frugal shopping skills have not rubbed off on her yet!) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Truth (My lil' etsy shop)

Five Minute Friday It's been awhile since I've linked up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Fridays. Basic rule - Write for 5 minutes on one topic, then stop (today's topic: TRUTH).

Well today marks the First Birthday of my little etsy shop, CelebratingTheMoment so I'm kinda celebrating that today, and I thought I'd share a little bit of truth about this past year's adventure on etsy. So, here we go...

 START. The TRUTH is when I opened my etsy shop 1 year ago today, I really doubted if I'd get any sales. But guess what? I got a sale in the first week! So I kept making stuff and selling it.

TRUTH again, I thought my sales would stop after the Christmas season, but they did not. So I kept making stuff.

The TRUTH is that I LOVE selling my stuff on etsy. I got 2 messages from customers yesterday, that reminded me the TRUTH of why I like selling stuff (besides just a little bit of extra income, cause that's the TRUTH too!).
 One said, "I never know what to get for my dad -- this year I will have something special thanks to you!"
The other said, "it arrived safe and undamaged (to Scotland, I might add!) It is a gift for my sister, she is going to be delighted!
You see, giving others the opportunity to purchase little gifts that have meaning to them makes me smile! And with most items under $10, it's certainly easy for others to afford meaningful gifts.

Here are a few stats, for my shop:
  • In the past year I've had 114 orders. 
  • 473 people have 'Favorited' items.
  •  My most popular item is the Name Plate (I've sold 44 since listing this in August!). 
The TRUTH is that this is just a hobby, and I don't know how long it will last, but I've found joy in selling in my lil etsy shop this past year! END.

Oh, and for this weekend only, I'm celebrating my shop's first birthday with 20% off orders with code HAPPY1BIRTHDAY! (11/8-11/10)

Oh and my girls thought they should celebrate my shop's 1 year birthday by eating poptarts for breakfast! Hey, why not?! ;) #CelebratingTheMoments